Wednesday, December 28, 2011

7 Weeks In / Auld Lang Syne

I'm almost two months into my second IronTEAM season, and while it has been a little rough getting back into the groove of working out nearly every day, I'm definitely feeling strong and confident about the season ahead!
Biking at Griffith Park

Aside from the running, swimming, and biking that we all do every week, my coaches have given me some special instructions for some strength exercises to help me with stability and to help make sure I don't get injured this season.

Last season I had several injuries that kept me on the sidelines in my running and biking for part of the season. While I was able to get it together and was healthy and able to finish my race last season, it was very frustrating, and I'm definitely hoping to say goodbye to injuries in the new year avoid those kinds of issues so that I can just focus on my technique and hopefully getting faster!
As soon as the new year starts we are really going to be kicking it into gear and getting into longer and more intense workouts- definitely looking forward to that! Not to mention that I am still working to meet my milestone of raising at least $1000 by the first week of January so that I can continue with the TEAM.

Wrapping gifts for donations!
  I have been trying some new fundraising techniques- aside from baking cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for donations, I also did some holiday gift wrapping at the mall the week before Christmas. A few of my teammates and I set up tables and wrapped gifts for last minute shoppers- and collected donations for LLS! As I am writing this I am over halfway to my first goal, Thank You to everyone who has donated to help this great cause so far!