Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big Strides

I am about 12 weeks into the IRONTEAM training season,  and while there is a long way still to go- I feel like I am making great progress- in more ways than one! I want to thank EVERYONE who has donated so far to help me support LLS- I was able to meet my first goal of raising $1000 by January 12th, and with your help I hope to be able to meet and surpass my goal of raising $4500 more by the end of the season!

After getting outfitted with new cycling shoes and pedals for my bike, I not only look more legit on the road, but they have definitely improved my climbing ability on steeper hills- which definitely came in handy when we biked 40 miles last weekend in Malibu!

After about 4 or 5 pairs of goggles- I think I have finally found a winner- no leaks, no fog (so far)! Now I can just concentrate on my form and keeping a good rhythm in the pool.

Next up- the Desert Triathlon- International Distance- so check back soon!
Just a few months ago, an international distance race would have seemed like the main event... hard to believe that this is just the warm-up!